June 27, 1995 Chartering

The inception of the Buckhead/Cascade City Chapter, Atlanta, Georgia, Links Incorporated began April 24, 1995. Link Theopia Johnson Tate, under the auspices and direction of Link JoAhn Brown Nash, Chapter Establishment Officer and National Vice President, Links Incorporated served as liaison to the national office.

The members of the organization are women in the political arena, judges, doctoral recipients, physicians, registered nurses, attorneys, entrepreneurs, volunteers, curators, state and federal government personnel, cultural activists and homemakers.

This diverse membership has led us to the chartering and establishment of a dynamic chapter created and chartered by National President Link Patricia Russell-McCloud, National Vice President Link Jo Ahn Brown-Nash and Ninth Past President Link Dolly Adams.

Our Mission is to provide major leadership in the community and to serve as role models in our ever expanding positive experiences as a service organization locally, regionally and nationally.

Our Vision is to be committed to excellence in our prioritized, educational, civic and intercultural activities with the visualization that it is possible to enrich the lives of members of the larger community. This shall be accomplished through strategic coordination of four major facets of Linkdom namely: The Arts, Services To Youth, International Trends and Services, and National Trends and Services. The programmatic thrust and promotion thereof in the communities we service through cultural activities, education, wellness (health) programs,

chapter contributions, is shared and perpetuated by all members of our Links chapters as we pursue our “Linkages Toward The Possible.”