The Arts

The Links support of the arts can be traced to our cultured co-founder Margaret Rosell Hawkins. Her innate artistic talent, discovered at a young age, earned her a four-year scholarship to the Women’s School of Design, later known as the Moore Institute of Art in Philadelphia, Pa. Her passion for creative expression later led to her appointment as an art teacher and helped give root to the establishment of THE ARTS Facet in 1964 at the 14th National Assembly.

Throughout the nation today, Links chapters partner with museums, symphonies, arts councils, educational institutes and corporations in order to support art programs, especially where there is a focus on artists of color. Links are creating and supporting opportunities for educating minority youth in the arts and presenting and supporting performances by youth and accomplished professional artists in a diversity of disciplines.

The goal of THE ARTS Facet is to produce and support programs to enrich the quality of life of our youth and communities through educational and engaging art experiences while Transforming Communities, Fulfilling Our Purpose. Our programming includes arts integration within our chapters and partnerships with like-minded organizations, sowing the seed of creativity deeper in our community.

Founded in May 2002 by the Buckhead/Cascade City Chapter (BCCC) in Atlanta, GA, Musical Cascades honors collegiate students and encourages middle school and high school musicians to continue perfecting their talents through music mentoring, education, and performances. In addition to providing performance opportunities for students from Atlanta HBCUs. Musical Cascades links and mentors students at various stages in their musical career development, supports music education through scholarships, and continually fosters excellence by providing enrichment opportunities in music and arts education to augment the music curriculum of public school programs. The “Musical Cascades: Linking Heart and Soul” concert and collegiate scholarship presentation serves as the program’s event for scholarship award presentations, and engages participants in an interactive Q&A between the attending audience and the performers. The program concludes with a reception to further “meet n’ greet” the performers as well as networking with younger, upcoming music talent. The Buckhead/Cascade City Chapter selects a deserving area high school music program and further dedicates time and resources towards “linking heart and soul” of the next generation of music talent. BCCC succeeds in meeting its mission to provide a performance opportunity, scholarships, and mentoring to deserving music students from middle school to the collegiate level. The community benefits from the preservation, inclusion, and study of classical African-American music in music education with each student BCCC impacts.