With the goal of keeping Links apprised and abreast of current national trends, the National Trends and Services facet was established in 1962. This facet focuses on serving communities by addressing issues and concerns for the betterment of those therein. The Links Incorporated coalesces with organizations and agencies to create a “multiplier” effect, bringing collective resources of corporate partners to help sponsor related events. These coalitions are an effective way of pooling resources to work toward resolving critical societal issues.

The Buckhead/Cascade City Chapter has focused its efforts on delivering and sustaining transformational programs to assist African-American women on the road to self-sufficiency, to promote self-esteem and self confidence in African-American youth and teens, and to address the plight of human trafficking through community awareness, prevention, treatment and eliminating demand.

The Buckhead/Cascade City Chapter has engaged City officials and community leaders in developing programs that help build awareness of the issues and has provided resources to its long-term partners such as Jerusalem House and Living Water for Girls.

The Buckhead/Cascade City Chapter has sustained programs at Jerusalem House since the chapter was chartered in 1995. As a home for women with AIDS and their children, the chapter financially supports a chapter member who serves on its Board. The chapter also collaborates with organizations to donate toys at Christmas and provide interactive programs for the children and mothers. In 2014, the “Patches of Progress” involved Jerusalem House mothers, children, and their staff with Links members, sewing, measuring, and bonding across generations. The quilt, adorned with beads in the shape of the red AIDS ribbon, was a work of unity in the community and was displayed in the Educational Recourse Center for which $20,000 in capital resources were raised from 2013-2014.

The Buckhead/Cascade City Chapter also stands at the forefront of the war to remove the blight of human trafficking and sexual exploitation of children in Atlanta. The chapter has designed a relevant program initiative of Community Conversations, self-esteem workshops, and mentoring in an effort to approach the problem of human trafficking in terms of prevention, treatment and eliminating demand. The initial 2012 Forum, “Human Trafficking: How Can We Save Our Children?” addressed the tragedy of modern day slavery through human trafficking which afflicts more than 20 million people around the world. The 2014 Forum, “A Community Conversation about a Community Response to Human Trafficking,” was a free panel discussion for the community to dialog with federal, city and county officials. The forum engaged the community in a dialogue around eradicating sex trafficking of children in Atlanta and addressing much-needed efforts to help the survivors. More than 100 “Tool Kits” for organizations have been distributed by Buckhead/Cascade City chapter, and the chapter Gala in 2013 netted $15,000 for a staff position for Living Waters for Girls. The Buckhead/Cascade City Chapter continues to lead human trafficking prevention efforts as a founding donor to the National Center for Civil and Human Rights pledging $25,000 because of the Center’s human trafficking awareness initiatives.