International Trends and Services became a facet of The Links, Incorporated in 1978.The major goal of the International Trends and Services facet is to insure that each Link will have a greater awareness of international events, affairs, and issues through personal involvement, commitment, and enrichment in various program areas. The Links render services and assistance to global friends, especially those living in African and Caribbean countries.

One way the Buckhead/Cascade City Chapter has furthered the goals of International Trends and Services is by supporting the staff at the Woolfolk Boys and Girls Club in preparing students for the Kiwanis Kids Cultural Challenge. Each year the Kiwanis Club selects a country on which participating students focus. The students study the country’s culture, including food, history and clothing, and then present their display at a showcase.

In 2014 the chosen country was Costa Rica. Buckhead/Cascade City helped students research and learn about Costa Rica, prepared authentic food, helped students develop a small Spanish vocabulary and create dances, costumes and artifacts. On October 4, 2014, the Links assisted the students in setting up their display boards and prepared the students for their presentation to the judges. The Woolfolk Boys and Girls Club won “Best Costume” for their authentic Costa Rican wear.