Link Meka B. Ward

Member since: 2015


  • Nominating Committee
  • C0-Chair, Legislative Issues & Public Affairs

Connecting Link: Christopher E. Ward

Heir-o-Links: Linda and Evann Ward

Link Denise Walker

Member since: 2015

Connecting Link: Clint Walker

Heir-o-Links: Eliscia Walker and Evan Walker

Link Tania Johnson Tompkins

Member since: 2012


  • Treasurer

Connecting Link: Jeffrey E. Tompkins

Heir-o-Links: Emeri and Reese Tompkins

Link Kelli Bacote Ross

Daughter of  Link Joyce Bacote

Member since: 2012


  • Co-Chair, Services to Youth (2013-2015) (2015-2017)

Connecting Link: Kenny Ross

Heir-o-Links: Kamryn Boone and Eryn Boone

Link Erika Jackson Gardner

Daughter of a Link Kathy Jackson and granddaughter of Link Faustine Dunn

Member since: 2015


  • Recording Secretary (2017- present)

Connecting Link: Elijah H. Gardner

Heir-o-Links: Erinn and Elana Gardner

Link Elizabeth (“Beth”) Espy

Daughter of Link Kathy Espy and Granddaughter of Link Helen Duffy

Member since: 1994


  • Corresponding Secretary
  • Services to Youth Chair
  • International Trends Chair
  • Gala Co-Chair

Heir-o-Link: Brynn Espy

Link Tiffany Yarn Mitchell

Daughter of a Link Barbara I. Yarn

Member since: 1998


  • Archives Chair (2018-present)
  • Archives Co-Chair (?-2018)
  • Services to Youth Co-Chair (2018-present)
  • Recording Secretary
  • Corresponding Secretary

Connecting Link: Ceasar C. Mitchell

Heir-o-Links: Canon,Czarya & Ceasar III

Link Kelly Register

Member since: 2015


  • Co-Chair, International Trends and Services (2017-2018)
  • Co-Chair, Services to Youth (2018-2019)

Connecting Link: Eric Register

Heir-o-Link: Louis Register