Link Nancy Hall White

Daughter of Link Margaret Spencer Hall

Member since: 1992


  • BCCC Chapter President (2001-2005)
  • BCCC Gala Co-Chair (2009 and 2013)
  • Co-Chair – National Trends and Services (2016-2018)
  • Treasurer  – Windy City Chapter

Connecting Link: Milton E. White, MD


Link Shirley Mitchell Ferrell

Member since: 2008


  • Past Treasurer

Connecting Link: Kenneth Ferrell



Link Tiffany Yarn Mitchell

Daughter of a Link Barbara I. Yarn

Member since: 1998


  • Archives Chair (2018-present)
  • Archives Co-Chair (?-2018)
  • Services to Youth Co-Chair (2018-present)
  • Recording Secretary
  • Corresponding Secretary

Connecting Link: Ceasar C. Mitchell

Heir-o-Links: Canon,Czarya & Ceasar III