Link Tiffany Mallory Moore

Member since: 2018

 Connecting Link: Jerrell Moore

  • Heir-o-Links: Abigail and Naomi Moore

Link Kenya M. Johnson

Member since: 2015


    • Co-Chair, Services to Youth (2015-2017)


Connecting Link: Eric Johnson, II

Heir-o-Links: Anaia and Eric Johnson

Link Gail Tusan Washington

Member since: 1995 **Charter Member**


  • Chapter President (2013-2017)
  • Vice President of Programming (4 years during Link Nancy’s tenure)
  • Vice President of Membership (4 years during Link Runette’s tenure),
  • ITS Facet Co-Chair
  • STY Co-Chair

Connecting Link: Carl V. Washington

Heir-o-Links: Link Ashley Joyner Chavous, Shannon K.T. Joyner, Lauren E. Washington, Colin V. Washington

Link Shukura Ingram Millender

Member since: 2015

Links Leadership:

  • Chair, Technology Committee (2015 – present)
  • Co-Chair, National Trends & Services (2019-present)

Connecting Link: Marlon Millender, Sr.

Heir-o-Links: Lauren and Marlon Millender, Jr.