Link Nancy Hall White

Daughter of Link Margaret Spencer Hall

Member since: 1992


  • BCCC Chapter President (2001-2005)
  • BCCC Gala Co-Chair (2009 and 2013)
  • Co-Chair – National Trends and Services (2016-2018)
  • Treasurer  – Windy City Chapter

Connecting Link: Milton E. White, MD


Link Deborah (Debbie) Bell Young

Member since: 1995

Connecting Link: Gary L. Young

Heir-o-Link: Altmann R. Pannell


Link Nzinga C. Shaw

Member since: 2019

Connecting Link: Keith Washington

Heir-o-Links: Lacy Washington and Hudson Washington

Link Helen Ingram Mitchell

Member since: 2019

Connecting Link: Eric Gaston Mitchell

Heir-o-Link: Tyler Eric Mitchell

Link Nina R. Hickson

Daughter of Link Charlestine R. Fairley

Member since: 2012



  • Communications Committee Member

Southern Area

  • Chair  – Health & Human Services


  • Parliamentarian
  • Legislative Affairs Chair


Heir-o-Link: Wesley Victoria Hickson

Link Runette Flowers-Williams

Member since: 1995 **CHARTER MEMBER**


  • Past President- two terms
  • Numerous facet and committees
  • Audit committee
  • Strategic planning

Connecting Link: William A. Williams, Deceased

Heir-o-Links: Dr. Michelle Williams Schofield and Monica Williams

Link Nicole A. LaBeach

Member since: 2019



Link Dena Hasty

Member since: 2005


  • Co-Chair, Health and Human Services (2019 – present)

Connecting Link: Mark Hasty

Heir-o-Links: Terence Hasty, Rendell Hasty and Autumn Hasty

Link Cedria V. Davis

Member since: 2019