Link Tiffany Mallory Moore

Member since: 2018

 Connecting Link: Jerrell Moore

  • Heir-o-Links: Abigail and Naomi Moore

Link Debbie Warren

Member since: 2013

Connecting Link: Kevin Warren

Heir-o-Links: Jordan Warner and Colby Warren

Link Kisha Mitchell Williams

Member since: 2015


  • Co-Chair, Friendship Month

Connecting Link: Damon Williams

Heir-o-Links: Warner Williams

Link Robin Lowman White

Daughter of Link Irma Smith Lowman

Member since: 2006

Connecting Link: Richard Andrew White, III


Link Angela Farris Watkins

Daughter of a Link Christine King Farris

Member since: 1995 **CHARTER MEMBER**


  • Chair, Ethics and Standards
  • Chair, Friendship Month

Heir-o-Link: Farris C. Watkins

Link Yolanda Ward

Member since: 2015


  • Co-Chair, Services to Youth (2015-2017)

Connecting Link: Felker W. Ward, III

Link Meka B. Ward

Member since: 2015


  • Nominating Committee
  • C0-Chair, Legislative Issues & Public Affairs

Connecting Link: Christopher E. Ward

Heir-o-Links: Linda and Evann Ward

Link Maia Alees Walton

Daughter of Link Alyce F. Gaither

Member since: 2009


  • Co-Chair, Health and Human Services

Connecting Link: William Walton III

Heir-o-Links: Ava Rose and William IV

Link Denise Walker

Member since: 2015

Connecting Link: Clint Walker

Heir-o-Links: Eliscia Walker and Evan Walker